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We are excited to be welcoming you to a brand new location in Spring 2021. Our goal is to ensure our facility has all the specialized equipment that your kids need and love to allow for the highest care therapy possible. We are asking for your support to help equip our new space with much-needed equipment.

Kindly donate the amount for a specific item or give what you can to support our general equipment fund. Your help is greatly appreciated and needed.

Here are the options for donation:

  • Write a check
  • Add any amount to your DICP account
  • Venmo – You can utilize this link, search for @developmentischildsplay on your app, or scan the QR code below with your phone to donate. Please call or email us if you need any support with the process; we’re happy to help.
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If you have questions about how to donate or about our move please don’t hesitate to reach out!

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